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As key donor for German Development Cooperation the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is the main source of funding for our project activities. SBFIC is one of the orgnaizations fostering the objectives of German International Cooperation on the field of financial sector development.

Partners Rwanda

AMIR is the only umbrella body for microfinance institutions in Rwanda that seeks to build a flourishing microfinance sector in Rwanda through different areas of Advocacy and Information, Research and Development, Responsible Finance, Performance Monitoring and Capacity Building.

The Rwanda Institute of Cooperatives, Entrepreneurship and Microfinance (RICEM) is an accredited vocational education service provider catering to the Rwandan cooperative, entrepreneurship and microfinance sectors. It provides vocational training and consultancy services in the three before-mentioned sectors to foster skills development and capacity development in Rwanda. RICEM is currently a project under the Rwandan Ministry of Trade and Commerce (MINICOM), partnering with various public and private sector institutions.

MINICOM with its highly dedicated leadership and committed staff serves as an operational link between the Rwandan Government and national stakeholders, along with other institutions and organs. Creating strong partnerships, building public knowledge on EAC integration and Trade, and increasing links between regional and national plans, will continue to be a key aspect of ensuring effective community engagement and developing a progressive human resource base, for which the private sector can continue to experience sustained growth.

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MINECOFIN) is partnering with SBFIC in various projects, particularly in the field of the SACCO sector. Its mission is to raise sustainable growth, economic opportunities, and living standards of all Rwandans and SBFIC is happily assisting in the achievement of those goals.

Rwanda Cooperative Agency is a public institution in charge of regulating and promoting economic, social, and other activities of the general interest in cooperatives.

Partners Burundi

The microfinance association Réseau des Institutions de Microfinance au Burundi (RIM) is supported with the aim to improve the level of professionalism of the Burundian microfinance institutions (MFI).

Partners Tanzania

TAMFI (Tanzania Association of Microfinance Institutions) is a platform for all microfinance stakeholders (institutions) which allows microfinance stakeholders to meet, discuss, dialogue, present, argue, voice their concerns and interests, network and collaborate for the purpose developing the microfinance sector in the country. TAMFI is coordinating Microfinance Institutions with various stakeholders of Microfinance services in and outside the country. Stakeholders of microfinance include, the Government, Central Bank, Donors, Development partners, financiers, investors and clients of microfinance services.

SELF Microfinance Fund (SELF MF), is a wholesale microfinance fund providing loans to micro-finance intermediaries such as microfinance companies, SACCOS and community banks for on-lending to under-served entrepreneurs in rural and urban areas. Furthermore it provides capacity building services and institutional support to MFIs assisting them in increasing the quality and quantity of sustainable financial services offered.

Tanzania Cooperative Development Commission (TCDC) is an independent government institution established under the umbrella of the Ministry of Agriculture in 2014. TCDC is aspiring to be a leading organisation in Africa, fostering development of modern and economically viable cooperatives, which meet global standards and demands of the cooperative movement. The commission is therefore aiming to provide efficient and effective regulatory and promotional services for attainment of vibrant, modern and economically viable cooperatives in Tanzania.

Karagwe Rural Development and Environmental Conservation Agency (KARUDECA) is a local NGO based in Karagwe district, Kagera region. Registered in 2007, KARUDECA is aspiring to enable marginalised communities including students, peasants and entrepreneurs, to become empowered and self-sustainable in order to improve their standard of living. KARUDECA furthermore strengthens their institutions through providing micro-finance services and capacity building in financial literacy, entrepreneurship, agriculture and environmental conservation.